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Common Pest Myths and Facts

Myth: After ingesting poison bait, mice will go outside in search of water.

Fact: There is no scientific proof that this actually happens. Mice retreat to a place of comfort.

Myth: A cat will solve your rodent problem.

Fact: While cats may occasionally play with a mouse until it dies, it is really an opportunity for a game.

Myth: Only dirty people get roaches.

Fact: Roaches are hitchhikers. They will come in the house in a package, food delivery, or in belongings.

Myth: if you leave the lights on when you go to bed then bed bugs won't feed.

Fact: Bed bugs will feed at any time. When you are in a deep sleep you release a pheromone that attracts bed bugs.

Myth: Fleas are only carried by pets.

Fact: Fleas can invade your house attached to shoes, clothing, or even houseplants.

Myth: If you see one roach on your counter there must be hundreds lurking in your kitchen.

Fact: One roach can really just be one roach.

Myth: Bees only sting once.

Fact: Honey bees have a barbed stinger and if it pulls the stinger off the bee will die.

Myth: Don't step on a live cockroach because the eggs will stick to you and you will get roaches at home.

Fact: While roaches are good at hitching a ride, its more likely someone accidentally introduced some roaches to their home after stepping on one a day or two earlier..

Myth: All mosquitos bite people.

Fact: Only the female mosquitos bite and not all types of mosquitos bite people.

Myth: Do electronic pest repellers work?.

Fact: A study at Kansas State University found they were effective at repelling some insects such as crickets. They had little effect on roaches and no effect on spiders and ants.

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